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American Heritage

convenience every day

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American Heritage

convenience everyday

American Heritage has established high-quality standards for its comprehensive product line of home appliances with exemplary customer service making itself a household name in the Philippines. New categories have been introduced with products such as air conditioners,
washing machines, innovative air fryers, and others to serve a wider customer range.

The brand has evolved successfully by adapting to the times and being
one of the country’s key players in the home appliance industry.

Our enduring promise: Convenience Every Day

Convenience is “anything that is useful, easy to operate, and makes life comfortable.”

American Heritage, with its line of innovative home appliances, promises to do just that.

Every Day is how we look at our consumers’ daily lifestyle.

From brewing their coffee to making their favorite smoothie or from ironing their clothes to getting their hair blown dry.

And then live healthy using an air fryer, the energy-saving benefit of an induction cooker, or the joy of having a delicious waffle.

Simply said, American Heritage is Convenience Every Day.

If you want to learn more about our products, visit us at

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